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About Company

Petrol Stations’ New Chain Has Appeared in Georgia

Optima – this is how the new brand of petrol stations is called which appeared in June, 2017 on the Georgian market of oil industry; At this time it operates with only two petrol stations in Tbilisi. Throughout Georgia Optima has 8 branded stations and until the end of the year company plans to double the quantity of stations. The new brand is supplied with goods for Europe, in particular, from Romania and Bulgaria. Optima offers customer high quality fuel with optimal price.

The abovementioned brand is owned by Ibercompany LLC, which has the great experience in this field; Since 1995 the company started expanding its retail chain and building own PSs (Petrol Stations). For today Ibercompany owns about 30 PSs throughout Georgia, 8 of them is branded as Optima, development of the rest of PSs is planned in the nearest future.

In Tbilisi Optima has only two petrol stations on the addresses: At the crossroad of Agmashenebeli ave. and Mikeladze str., also Kakheti Highway (near the so called “Varketili Bridges”).

Homemart Hosted Charity Festival “Spring Flowers” on April 24-26, 2016

Homemart – Everything for home hosted charity festival “Spring Flowers”. The festival was opened with the exhibition and sale of unique varieties of decorative plants of company Agromax Décor and closed with kids spring costume fashion show on April, 26.

Spring show was held on Sunday, at 5 pm. The acapela “The Quintessence” was participating in the show. Representatives of public and private sector, famous people and journalists attended the presentation. Attendance was free.

The main purpose of the project was social integration and support of psychological rehabilitation of socially vulnerable children, which is a serious problem nowadays.

15 children were participating in the event and they received special gift from shops located at Homemart trade center. As well as, special discounts were made for customers from abovementioned shops. The festival was organized by Homemart and media support was made by analytical portal “Kvira”.


Homemart - Everything for Home

The trade center located on 37l Ave, Chavchavadze, now has its name and slogan - Homemart - Everything for Home. 

The project is implemented by Ibercompany LLC and by its partner construction company Archi Group. Archi Group is contructing 23-storey multifunctional complex Archi Tower which is planned to be completed in summer 2018.

Let us remind you the list of shops operating at Homemart trade center, these are: Super, Super Toys, Super Home, English Home, Penti, Aspria, Bohemia,, Megatechnics, MyDayand etc.

On the firs G floor of the trade center world brand Carrefour market is opened since July, 2017, instead of Smart supermarket, as well as Wendy’s and Dunking Donuts fast food brands are operating at Homemart.

Ibercompany has won the Quality Award

Ibercompany was selected between European Constructing Companies by ESQR and invited to the Convention and Awards Ceremony which was held in Las Vegas (the United States of America) on December 9th, 2014. Our company received Best Quality Leadership Award.

As in previous years, in 2014 our company was distinguished by its commitment to quality, technology and innovation that helped Ibercompany to gain success in the international business world on behalf of Georgia.


Trade Centre Opening on Chavchavadze Avenue

The official opening of new trade centre was held on November 6, 2014 at Chavchavadze Ave. N37l, organized by Ibercompany. The mayor of Tbilisi Mr.David Narmania also attended the opening, as well as the representatives of partner companies and their guests.

The guests were greeted by the Ceremonial environment, live music and many other surprises. Well known brands presented wide variety of their production in the following categories: Home Furniture and Decor, Vessel and Home Accessories, Home Lighting, Household Appliances, Toys, Women Jewelry and Lingerie, Fitness and Sportswear.

On the first floor of the trade center one of the successful Supermarket Chain “Smart” and worldwide known fast food brand “Wendy’s” are already functioning. There are also presented various brand shops and service centers on the first floor: VTB Bank, Villeroy&Boch, Farmadepo pharmacy, Game Zone, PePela, Chaimania, Delfos, Hello Kitty and ets.

Here is the list of the brand shops opened on the second floor of the Trade Centre:

Aspria Fitness – Well known fitness company in Georgia with highest level of quality, that guarantee the program based on a health-oriented philosophy and your personal wellbeing.

Super – Favorite and well known brand which offers vessel, home accessories as well and various kinds of toys.

Laboratory My Home – International Corporation ICR gives us opportunity to create our living style with this original home accessory’s shop.

English Home – Brand which provides the customer with Linens and home accessories with exquisite English style.

Lotto – Sportswear brand which provides apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and kids.

Penti – Wide assortments of women lingerie, in particular tights, swimwear, beach accessories, slippers and socks for men and children as well.

Prolight –  Brand which offers the customer a broad range of light solutions, including technical and decorative fittings.

LifeStyle – The quality and classical esthetics of its furniture guarantees the independence from time and passing tendencies, it’s made for comfort in present and future.

Mandarina – Well known jewelry chain in Georgia, wihich aims to provide ladies with wide assortment of elegant and distinctive style of production at affordable price.

Brandan – Italian brand which produces kitchen accessories which can attract every housewife’s attention.

Megatechnica – Well known technology brand in Georgia which is distinguished by its low prices, high quality and diversity of choice in domestic and small domestic appliances on Georgian market.

Musera – Big choice of jewelry items, Italian silver and jewelry in particular.

Orthomed Georgia – Wide diversity of choice and beautiful design in kids’ orthopedic shoes.

Ninuca Accessories – Hand-made jewelry and winter accessories.


New Refueling Station Opened in Kutaisi

“Ibercompany Petroleum” LLC opened Lukoil new refueling station on Sulkhan-Saba str. Kutaisi on 23th of October 2014, where the customer will have the opportunity to get 6 types of highest quality of fuel and as well use service of car washing offered by the company.

It is also remarkable that the mentioned refueling station is one of the first in west Georgia that was built with Lukoil’s renovated infrastructure and modern design of the stations.

8 persons are employed on the station.


Construction of Multifunctional Complex

“Ibercompany” LLC has started to build multifunctional complex with residential and trading spaces in one of the most prestigious districts of Tbilisi.

Ibercompany with its partner “Archi Group” is implementing huge real estate development project called “Archi Tower” on N29, Chavchavadze Ave, near the Sameba Church. “Archi Tower” is 22-storey multifunctional complex, area of which equals to 35 000 Sq. Ft.  There will be placed parking space on three underground floors and trade centre on first and second floors; living apartments will take place from the third floor and above.

For today it is completed building of spaces considered for underground parking and trade centre. At this point building of living apartments is in progress.

The trade center of “Archi Tower” which equals to 7000 Sq. Ft will be exploited at the beginning of 2014. Hypermarket, fast-food restaurants and brand Stores will be placed there. It is planned to complete construction of residential spaces in summer of 2016 where swimming pool, spa and fitness centre will be placed.


Ibercompany received the International Star Award for Quality in the Gold Category

The International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) of Business Initiative Directions ( is presented in recognition of those companies in different countries throughout the world that further their reputation and position by implementing and promoting quality culture. Recognized for commitment to quality, leadership, technology and innovation, our company represented success for Georgia in the business world.

IberCompany has won the International Gold Star for Quality Award in Geneva On September 30th, 2012.


Railway Construction in Karsi - Akhalkalaki

On July 2012 the company was engaged in Karsi-Akhalkalaki construction project of the railway. IberCompany with the status of lessee accomplishes the earthworks by its own fleet.

Contractor - “Technic Service” LLC

Project Duration - 2012

Project Volume - 600 000 m3


Construction of the New Petrol Station in Martvili City

IberCompany is continuing the expansion of its petrol stations’ retail chain and the development of the new regions across Georgia. In September 2011, the company started the construction of PS by modern standards in Martvili. The new petrol station infrastructure will be updated for service and comfort. The facility will have a fully operating market, car wash and other necessary services.

Address - 115 Msvidoba str., Martvili

Area - 2682 m2

Date of Completion - April 2012


Highway Construction in Igoeti - Sveneti Section

On July 2011 the company was engaged in Igoeti-Sveneti construction project of the highway. IberCompany with the status of lessee accomplishes the earthwork and road rehabilitation on 6 km length by its own fleet.

Contractor - “New Energy” LLC

Project Duration - 2011

Project Budget - 500 000 Gel


Construction of the new Auto Market in Rustavi City

February 2011 – the company started the participation in new auto market construction in Rustavi. IberCompany acts as a lessee with its own fleet in this project.

Project Partner - "7 Sky +" LLC

Project Duration - February 2011 – May 2011

Project Area - 40 000 m2

Project Budget - 4 000 000 GEL


Construction of the New Petrol Station in Tkibuli City

IberCompany is continuing the expansion of its petrol stations’ retail chain and the development of the new regions across Georgia. In January 2011, the company started the construction of PS by modern standards in Tkibuli. The new petrol station infrastructure will be updated for service and comfort. The facility will have a fully operating market, car wash and other necessary services.

Address - 27 Tkvarcheli str., Tkibuli

Area - 1100 m2

Date of Completion - May 2011


IberCompany Rebranding

In 2010, the company performed management change and rebranding: IberCompany adopted a modern management style, changing its brand logo and creating the new reporting system. The common brand with new corporate style enclosed the following companies: IberCompany (Head Office), IberCompany Oil (Oil Base), IberCompany Petroleum (PS Chain), IberCompany Estate (Real Estate) and IberCompany Construction (Infrastructural Projects).


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