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About Us

The activities of Ibercompany began with the restoration of Georgia's independence. Starting with the fuel wholesale business in the 1990s, it unites several successful companies from different fields, now.


In the 2000s, Ibercompany began to diversify its business activities and turned its orientation towards mastering different directions and segments. Currently, the holding's subsidiaries cover industries such as winemaking, oil business, tourism, energy sector, commercial real estate and etc.


Today, each new business project is supported and developed by a team of professionals with a highly responsible attitude. Customer satisfaction is our core value and the foundation of our success.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

We believe that with focused approaches, building successful business directions and creating a working environment where imagination is the only limit, we can make a significant contribution to the development of Georgia's economy and the formation of a more secure society.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to acquire and develop local resources and competence in order to constantly offer above-average quality and experience to the Georgian market;

And to better introduce authentic Georgian products, story and culture to the international market....


Our Brand promise:

Business offers and solutions that complement or simplify a person's daily life